Reduction in Income Inequality Faltering

How can we caracterize the evolution of income inequality, poverty and social mobility in Germany ? An analysis based on the Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) by Markus M. Grabka and Jan Goebel extracted from DIW Economic Bulletin.

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The underemployed part-time work in Europe

19.4% of European jobs are part-time jobs, which corresponds to 42 million workers. (...)

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Overview of Gender inequality in Europe

Life expectancy at birth On average, European women live 82.6 years and European men (...)

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L’état de la précarité d’emploi en Europe

Tout le monde le voit, chacun le croise. Mais sa définition donne encore lieu à de (...)

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Equality and Global Warming

During the next 40 years or so carbon emissions will have to be cut by 80 or 90 (...)

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Scientific Research

The UN Agenda against poverty

The agenda setting of the fight against poverty belongs to the long-term cooperation (...)

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Poverty and Health

What about the relationship between poverty and health status ? The causal relation (...)

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Polls and opinions

Que pensent les Européens des inégalités hommes/femmes ?

L’enquête datée de mars 2012 interroge le rapport des Européens aux inégalités (...)

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Les Hongrois pleurent ensemble et stagnent ensemble

Comme indiqué dans des articles précédents, la moitié de la population hongroise (...)

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Inequality Watch ?

Inequality Watch, the European observatory of inequality, is a network resulting from the desire of associations and research centres to observe the state and evolution of inequality in Europe. It is the first independent information network for inequality in Europe.

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